Hand Creams to Save Your Hands

The Best Hand Creams for frequently washed hands Heal your hands with the best hand creams for all types of skin problems! If you’ve read my last post, you’ll know how important it is to be looking after our hands right now. When your washing your hands frequently a great hand cream is a must! Remember washing your hands removes…

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Write yourself a love letter

Write Yourself a Love Letter

  There’s something so romantic about a love letter, and it seems to be a lost art in our world of sexting and dick pics… But I’m not suggesting you write a love letter to your partner but to yourself!   Why you should write yourself a love letter.   We spend every moment of life with ourselves—more time than…

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How to make a vision board

How to Create a Vision Board

Vision Board 101   The week between Christmas and New Years always turns into mess of too much turkey, chocolate and not knowing what day it is. This year though I’m using this the (in between mouthfuls of turkey and chocolate) to create a vision board for 2020 and for the next decade.   What is a Vision Board? And…

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Month long discount at DECIEM!!

  Deciem has done it again! Oh, how I love this brand! They announced on November 1st that they would be having a mass blackout on November 29, meaning all Deciem stores, as well as the online shop, will be closed for the entire day! The reasoning behind the decision is admirable, they say Black Friday turns all of us…

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The Top Rated Beauty Tools on Amazon.

The Top Rated Beauty Tools on Amazon

  The Top Rated Beauty Tools on Amazon Step up your skincare routine!   There’s a whole wide world full of skincare tools and beauty gadgets that promise to make your life much easier – or at least help your skin! And one of the best places to find them, the mecca of all things necessary and unnecessary – Amazon!…

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Beauty Hero: Niacinamide

Niacinamide – Are you using it yet?   I’m currently trying to stretch the last few drops of my Niacinamide by The Ordinary while I wait for my replacement bottle (which is now in a larger size! Woohoo!). It’s the product I recommend the most, everyone’s skin can benefit from introducing it into their skincare routine. Which is why I’m…

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Scenic drive around Clare

Best scenic drives in Ireland: A roadtrip around County Clare

The Best Scenic Drive in County Clare   Find out why County Clare has one of the best scenic drives in Ireland   Explore Clare’s picturesque villages, devour mouthwatering seafood and discover one of the best scenic drives in Ireland. I did this trip last spring and looking back on the photos, I count myself so lucky to live in such a beautiful country! The route…

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10 Free Mental Health Apps to Support your Wellbeing

10 Free Mental Health Apps to Support your Well-Being

Free Mental Health Apps   Stress is part of our daily lives and for many, so is anxiety and depression. While too much time on our phones can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle and worsen our wellbeing. There is a range of tried and tested free mental health apps that can provide much-needed support for looking after our mental health.…

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Sleeping Beauty – The Best Overnight Face Masks

Sleep and face masks! Two of my favourite things! So combining them makes me very happy!  The lazy way to get flawless skin. Overnight Masks, sleep masks or sleeping packs (as they’re called in Korea) have become popular in the past few years with more and more new formulas becoming available, you can now find overnight masks that address every…

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