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Volunteering in Kenya – part 1.

 What have I done??? A new way of life!   “Sitting in my mosquito net covered bed, in a room, I share with 7 other girls, with sweat dripping down my face, I still don’t really know what possessed me. I think I focused too much on the end of it and forgot that I would have to actually go…

Treatment Review: Heviz Mud Wrap

Treatment Review: Heviz Mud Wrap

FYI not me in the pic. Credit to   Not too long ago I tried out the Heviz Mud Wrap where I was slathered in black mud, wrapped up in plastic and left to cook. I was staying in Heviz, Hungary which is famous for Lake Heviz, the largest thermal lake in Europe and a  geological curiosity.  (see my…

The Incredible Healing Lake Heviz

The Incredible Healing waters of Lake Heviz

In the town Heviz, Mid-Western Hungary lies a geological curiosity. Lake Heviz, Europes largest thermal lake. You can bath in it all year round and but it’s not just the warmth that is the wonder but the property of its water and mud and the effects they have on the body. On a recent spa research trip to Hungary, I,…