Donat Mg – the Miracle Mineral Water

Donat Mg, The Miracle Mineral Water. Find out how this water, which has the highest magnesium concentrate in the world, can heal a multitude of health problems

Magical Magnesium and Donat Mg


Donat Mg is the name of the natural mineral water found at Rogaska Slatina spa resort in Slovenia. During my stay exploring the area, I learnt all about (and drank a lot of) this miracle water!) Proven to help with health issues like heartburn, bloating, constipation, obesity, gall stones, kidney stones and other digestive and stress-related problems. This water promises a lot!


The power of Donat Mg dates back over 8000 years and It is said when the winged horse Pegasus landed on the ground healing water burst onto the surface. Formed at a depth of 260 to 600m by the dissolution of rocks rich in magnesium, calcium, sulphates, hydrogen. Donat Mg can be classified in a group of natural mineral waters that have beneficial effects in the case of certain health problems and that play a protective role in maintaining health.


For over 200 years Donat Mg has been prescribed for therapeutic and preventative purposes at Rogaska Slatina Health spa. There are quite a few natural mineral waters in the world that have favourable effects on well-being and health, yet those suitable for continuous drinking are few and far between.  It is characterised by its exceptionally high mineral content, with over 13 g of matter per litre (together with CO2), of which magnesium alone accounts for 1000 mg/l and calcium for around 300 mg/l. It also contains many other elements and compounds that are beneficial to our health.


To understand why the mineral water helps with so many health problems, we need to know about its main component - magnesium.


Magical Magnesium - Why we need it!


Magnesium plays a vital role in over 300 metabolic processes in our body. Since our body is not able to produce it, magnesium needs to be consumed through food and drink on a daily basis to maintain health and wellness. It helps to reduce tiredness, maintains the balance of electrolytes and supports the function of the nervous system and muscles.



Nearly everyone is at risk of magnesium deficiency due but in particular children, teenagers, pregnant women and the elderly. Severe deficiencies are rare but a mild deficiency may result in low energy levels, frequent headaches, anxiety, insomnia, muscle cramps and immunodeficiency.



Although magnesium is available through supplements, it can be difficult for the body to absorb. The magnesium in the Donat Mg ( around 1000mg per litre - the RDA for adults is 375mg) is immediately available to the body and is absorbed directly.

Donat Mg, The Miracle Mineral Water. Find out how this water, which has the highest magnesium concentrate in the world, can heal a multitude of health problems


Donat Mg can be used to treat



Heartburn occurs as the result of the increased secretion of stomach acid; we experience it as pain in the upper stomach or sometimes in the oesophagus. It’s a problem that one out of ten people are forced to deal with; it is more frequent in older people, men and pregnant women. Because the oesophageal lining has a different composition than the stomach lining and is, therefore, less protected, it can be damaged by acid.


The stomach makes 2 to 3 litres of acidic fluids each day. These consist mostly of chlorocarbonic acid and pepsin (an enzyme that speeds up the metabolisation of proteins). Just one-half litre of Donat Mg has a buffer effect adequate for neutralising the acid secreted by the stomach in one day. This is due to its unique composition, including 7700 mg of hydrogen carbonate, which helps bond acids and buffering free acids. It bonds stomach acid in equal amounts.

Magnesium acts to prevent contractions in the stomach and improves peristalsis. This is why Donat Mg can serve as a complete and natural substitute for treatments for excess stomach acid.




The water contains sulphates in the form of sodium and magnesium salts have a favourable effect on digestion and drinking larger amounts may cause diarrhoea.



Gastrointestinal problems

Donat Mg helps a number of people suffering from dyspeptic disorders for which a clear cause cannot be found, even with a gastroscopy. These people often experience an unpleasant feeling of fullness after meals, bloating, heartburn or belchingWith their alkali effect, sodium-hydrogen carbonate waters have an anti-inflammatory effect on the stomach lining. The magnesium and calcium found alongside the sodium in Donat Mg assist greatly in these processes and reduce the swelling of the stomach lining.



Preventing the formation of gall stones

The sulphates that help with constipation also causes the gallbladder to contract and empty and speeds up bile productions. Regular emptying of the gallbladder prevents the formation of gall stones and reduces bad cholesterol levels.



Preventing Kidney Stones

Large amounts of basic minerals found in Donat Mg contribute to the body's acid-base balance and increase pH levels in the kidneys. This prevents the formation of kidney stones



Assisting with weight loss

When losing weight, fats and proteins break down into acids and the body loses important minerals. Donat Mg neutralises acids formed in this way and replaces lost minerals. As mentioned before it is a natural laxative and helps to cleanse the body of leftover toxins and waste products. Regular consumption also helps to reduce appetite and speed up metabolism.


Learn more here



Donat Mg, The Miracle Mineral Water. Find out how this water, which has the highest magnesium concentrate in the world, can heal a multitude of health problems

Drinking the famous Donut Mg at the water pavilion


Drinking Therapy


Drinking the Donat Mg natural mineral water takes place at the famous Mineral water Pavilion at the Rogaška Medical Centre. The drinking therapy is a ritual which must be repeated at least three times a day, always from twenty minutes to half an hour before eating. At the beginning of the drinking treatment with medicinal mineral water, you are given your own glass with a measuring scale, which will accompany you throughout the therapy.


At the beginning of your stay, you have a consultation with a balneologist who advise on the amount of mineral water to be drunk, whether it should be drunk warm or cold. And if it should be drunk slowly or quickly. At certain times during the day, the mineral water pavilion is filled with patients filling their glasses with the recommended amount of water. Many choose to walk the circle of the pavilion while they drink.



I was blown away by the amount of health problems this water could help with, and that it is all scientifcally proven. Donat Mg and the Rogaska Medical Centre have helped so many patients, I can't believe it's not more well known in Western Europe! I have put together couple of treatment programmes like

The Magnesium Cure, which includes

  • 7 nights accomodation with half board (sometimes there is a special offer with full board)
  • In depth consultation and body fat and tissue analysis
  • 3x a day drinking therapy
  • Aromatherapy Massage (30 minutes)
  • Full body Swedish massage (40 minutes)
  • Indian Head Massage (30 minutes)
  • Relaxing bath with Jasmine oils (20 minutes)
  • Algae Wrap (40 minutes)
  • Vine Therapy (40 minutes)
  • Hilot Therapy – Flippio theraputic massage (30 minutes)
  • Full use of the wellness facilities and fitness activies

Starting from £750 per person sharing!




Can't make it to Rogaska Slatina you can still try Donat Mg. You order the bottled version, while it's better to drink it straight from the source the bottled version still packs a punch! You can also download the app and have it personalise your drinking therapy for you!


So what are your thoughts? Have you heard of the mineral water before? Let me know in the comments






Donat Mg, The Miracle Mineral Water. Find out how this water, which has the highest magnesium concentrate in the world, can heal a multitude of health problems



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