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Ponta da Piede

Kayaking the Ponta da Piedade

Ponta da Piedade  – an unforgettable experience   Ponta da Piedade is one of those places which you try and try to describe but find there are no words that can truly capture the towering cliffs, emerald waters and views that take your breath away. And then try and explain how it feels to be on a flimsy little kayak…

Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia

Rogaska Slatina, Spa Resort, Slovenia

  Rogaska Slatina, a synonym for health in Slovenia I won’t lie the reason I wanted to visit spa town Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia was because it looked so pretty but while I was there I learnt about the incredible mineral water Donat Mg and the power of Magnesium and its restorative healing powers on our health. The power of Donat Mg…

Wellness Travel


Hi! I’m Sarah and welcome to A Well Travelled Beauty! A wellness, travel and beauty blog.  I am sharing the knowledge I have gathered over the past fifteen years working in the spa industry along with my travel adventures and a quest to live a more sustainable and balanced life. While I hope this blog will encourage you to make…